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Red Cap Chick, January 29, 2008

We went to a new (to us) place called Red Cap Chick. It's an old Golden Chick, but it was taken over by Korean people. They have regular fried chicken with all the regular fried chicken sides, but they also serve Korean fried chicken. It's chicken that's all hacked up in pieces that you can't really recognize until you bite into them. They're fried with a pretty thick corn floury batter and glazed with sticky stuff. I got the Honey Garlic, and Brian got the Hot and Spicy. It wasn't bad, but I don't think I want it again. I didn't like biting into food where I wasn't sure where the bones were until my teeth hit them.

Brian and I both used the restrooms to wash our hands before we left because of all the sticky glaze. The women's restroom was a little dirty, and Brian said the men's was, too. Brian asked if there were decals on the walls of the women's restroom. I told him there were flowers on the walls. He said in the men's room, the decals were fish. He also said there was a fish decal right in the urinal that would be good for practicing aim.


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