Lunch with Brian

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Scholz Garten, March 6, 2008

I had a late meeting and didn't get to go until after noon. Brian and I usually go at 10 to 11:00, of course. So I walked to Scholz Garten to get some bbq and salad. And what do you know... there was Brian! He told me about his experience at the caucus the night before. After we ate, they brought separate checks, and Brian handed me one. I just barely glanced at it and saw "Smokes." I was like, I didn't buy smokes! He had given me his bill that was almost double mine! So I kidded him greatly about that.

We both gave the waitress credit cards and when she brought the receipts back, they only brought one pen. So I waited for Brian to sign his receipt. Afterward, something told me to check my wallet for my credit card. It wasn't there!! I said, "Where's my credit card?" Brian said, "Uh oh..." He looked in his wallet, and he had put my card in his wallet. He must have been really spacey yesterday. I told him I'm going to keep a close eye on him. He said that everyone probably should.


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