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Primizie, March 18, 2008

It was Italian food in east Austin. We'd never been there before. I couldn't pronounce anything on the menu, so I just had to point at the items and say "I want that and that." I ordered a stuffed artichoke and some pasta with mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes and little pastas that looked like tiny hard hats. Brian said the name of the pasta meant "little ears" in Italian. None of this stuff is on my diet. Brian had a spinach salad with chicken, goat cheese, pecans and caramelized onions. Both Brian and I thought they were skimpy on the cheese. The stuffed artichoke was good because of the stuffing. I think it was bread crumbs soaked in olive oil with some cheese mixed in. There wasn't much meat on the artichoke. Brian asked me if it was called Carchofie Stoofy, because he thought that meant Stuffed Artichoke. But I thought he said Carchofie Snoofy and that tickled me.

After that, we split an order of Tiramisu. I think it was the best Tiramisu I've had at a restaurant in Austin. It wasn't on my diet, either.

Even with the small complaints about cheese and artichoke meat, we thought it was a great place, and we'll go back.


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