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Food Heads, April 10, 2008

They make sandwiches and stuff. Really, really good sandwiches. We didn't try the stuff (soup and salad). It looks like a hippie place in an old house with mismatched tables and chairs. I had a chicken and eggplant sandwich on a toasted baguette with spinach, goat cheese and tomato. On Brian's recommendation, I asked for some cucumber mayo because the sandwich seemed kinda dry. It was awesome. Brian got a lamb sandwich with feta cheese on a ciabatta bun. There was other stuff in there, but I don't remember what. He also got some Zapp's crawtater chips.

There was a friendly cat on the porch of the house. Brian liked Food Heads so much that he suggested we have a "Lunch with Brian All-Stars" rating for restaurants we've been to at least three times that we're very impressed with. He wants to make a video while we're at an all-star place to show what we're eating. I told him that maybe Shannon would make us a special "Lunch with Brian All-Stars" logo with the Web address, and we could make stickers to give to the restaurants, so they could put them on their doors with their Visa, Mastercard and Zagat stickers.


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