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Galaxy Cafe at the Triangle, May 6, 2008

It pays to go to lunch at 10 to 11:00 because the Galaxy Cafe serves breakfast until 11:30. I had french toast, bacon and fresh fruit for lunch. It was marvelous! Brian went conventional and had a chimichurri steak wrap that we both think might be new on the menu. He liked it. I asked for extra butter with mine. Brian asked for a side of cilantro-lime sauce with his.

The Galaxy Cafe Triangle location is fairly new. Like the other locations, the decor is sparse, but galaxytastic. Brian particularly liked the transparent, red patio chairs at the outside tables. We sat inside at a table with three large glass tubes that curved on the ends just above us. Brian assumed they were lights and commented about them not being lit, but I thought that any minute something might plop right out of one. Like extra butter.


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