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Banzai, May 27, 2008

Brian and I both spent far too much money on lunch at Banzai, but I'm sure we'll do it again another day. We both got sushi and tempura rice balls. The lunch specials come with miso soup and tea. I don't care for miso soup, so I can't say if it's good at Banzai. If you want salt with your meal (and I do), you have to ask for it, and they give you little to go packets. Brian likes the iced tea. It's not anything super special, but it's not weak like a lot of places. They serve it in a to go cup and gladly fill it up just before you leave, so you can take it with you. That's nice.

The girl behind the counter kinda looked like Kirsten Dunst to me. I speculated it was her researching a role. A movie role, not a sushi roll (that joke works better verbally when you can't see how it's spelled).

On the way back to work, I asked Brian to explain the mortgage crisis I've been hearing about. Sounds like a lot of people got approved for loans they couldn't afford to pay back. When I bought my house, I got approved for a loan that was more than I could afford to pay back, but I didn't use the whole loan. I guess it's like people who think "How can I be overdrawn? I still have checks in my wallet." Apparently, there was also some malfeasance involved in the crisis, too. I like that word... malfeasance.


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