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Blue Star Cafeteria, December 10, 2008

We went to Blue Star Cafeteria, and Brian came up with a million dollar idea that integrates bathroom news with social media (specifically micro-blogging). It would tract [sic for pun's sake] the collective digestive status of the interwebs. I can't tell you more than that because you might steal his million dollar idea.

Blue Star isn't really a cafeteria. It's a nice restaurant with a dessert case and wine tastings on first Wednesdays. The dessert case always gets my attention when I come in the door. Today, there was a chocolate cake with icing that looked like someone's head of hair with too much hair product. That doesn't sound good, but it worked for cake frosting.

The waitress told us the specials, and Brian got one. It was chicken breast with aww Jewish sauce, green beans and brocolli. It was supposed to come with mashed potatoes, but Brian asked if he could have brocolli instead because he's on a post-breakup health kick. I got a meatloaf sandwich. I'm obviously not on a post-breakup health kick.


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