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Trudy's Texas Star, January 9, 2009

Brian resurfaced from a big project he was working on and was able to go to lunch today. We went to Trudy's Texas Star. Each of the Trudy's has a special name. The one in south Austin is called Trudy's Little Texas Lane, and the one in north Austin is called Trudy's North Star. It was a special trip because Trudy's Texas Star was the first place Brian and I ever had lunch together.

They have a dirt parking lot across the street. Brian said it's probably worth a million bucks. That's because it's close to the University of Texas, and they could sell it to rich college student condo developers. Of course, then they wouldn't have parking, so their business would suffer. But they'd have a million bucks.

The red salsa had a big chunk of tomato in it. That was unusual for Trudy's salsa, I think. Brian wouldn't eat it because he said it was bad luck. I ate it, and it tasted good. I like their green salsa better, though.

Brian had the botana platter which is an appetizer sampler with nachos, queso, jalapeno poppers and something else that I don't know the name. I had the chicken fried steak with cheesy mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and dinner salad. They offer Texas Toast on request, so I requested it.

Brian thinks Trudy's excels at anything fried. Things like flaquitos, jalapeno poppers and chicken fried steak. He says, "If it's fried, it's good." I think their mixed vegetables are good.

He asked for a to go box, and this is what they brought:

to go box with a sun painted on it with the words trudy's texas star makes every day a bit brighter


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