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Zen, January 15, 2009

Zen is Japanese food fast. They have grass growing on the walls.

When Brian suggested we go there today, he didn't know they offer a 30% discount to students every third Thursday. It happened to be a third Thursday. Brian's not a student, but when the lady asked him if he had a student ID, he said, "Yes." He still carries his from when he was going to school. So he got 30% off. Then she asked me if I had one, but I don't carry one around with me, so I didn't get 30% off. I'm not sure my student ID would fly, though, because it's over 16 years old.

I got a bowl of something with "7 Samurai" in the name. Brian got a bowl of something with "Hibachi" in the name. Both our bowls had beef, vegetables and rice. We both liked the texture of the rice.

Once again, Brian demonstrated his uncanny ability to hear music over crowd noise. Today, he heard Cutting Crew's "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight." He said it's a good karaoke song. Apparently, he has an American Idol karaoke game, and that song is on it. I need to get in on some of that action.

After we ate, we sat outside for a few minutes. The chairs on the patio have fart holes.

A chair with the hole at the back of the seat

Reminder: The first person who tells us about his or her lunch in the comments wins free lunch with Brian and me. No transportation provided unless you're in the downtown Austin area, and other rules that we'll make up as we go.


Mary said this on January 18, 2009 5:42 PM:

Hi Kim & Brian -
This week I had a business trip in Maine so there were several lunches out and I had to be in charge of it all. The one I want to tell you about was at a place called Ricetta's. They have a pizza buffet so it works when you have several people to please.

There is always a soup at the pizza bar but I think all 3 of us know that no one bothers to eat a bowl of minestrone when there are 7 different kinds of pizza waiting, right? There are also 3 different salads - a pasta salad with Italian dressing (I skip that), an antipasto style tossed salad with some meats and cheeses and a Caesar with the most garlic-y dressing and croutons and a plate of anchovies on the side. I ALWAYS take a big plate of that Caesar.

The pizzas vary with at least one 4 cheese and various veggie and meat toppings. They will make anything you request and keep bringing out different pies until lunch is over. I usually like crust, but in order to be able to try several kinds I will skip the crusts here. This past week my favorite was the pesto, chicken and broccoli but it was a close tie with one that had sausage and lots of hot peppers.

And there are even a couple of dessert pizzas but I can do without fruit spread on dough so I took a pass.

If I won the contest by commenting first I will have to warn you that I have only been in Texas once and that was Dallas. If I ever do make it to Austin, the first thing I would want to do is have lunch with you two.

Take care -

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