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Mama Fu's, January 27, 2009

At Mama Fu's today, Brian ordered Red Thai Curry. I ordered Spicy General Fu. I guess I've forgotten what I like there because Spicy General Fu is not it. Brian liked the Red Thai Curry.

Brian ordered water to drink, but after he took a sip, he said it had a metallic hwang to it. I asked him how to spell hwang, and he said w-h-a-n-g, but he was making the 'h' sound before the 'w' sound, so I'm spelling it h-w-a-n-g.

Since the water tasted hwangy (maybe it was actually hwater), he poured it out and got some tea which he said tasted good.

We talked about how it would be if our workplace went to a 4 day work week. Neither of us liked that idea. It's hard enough to get our work done and coordinate with everyone we need to within 5 days, so compressing the week would be tough.

Brian noticed a promotional display on the table that said Mama Fu's has happy hour "Monday through Sunday." He wondered why they didn't just say "every day." I wondered why they didn't say "Saturday through Friday."

When we were leaving, I almost tripped over one of those "caution" signs that you put on the floor to keep people from slipping on a wet spot. I think the caution sign was more of a hazard than the wet spot.

Congratulations to Mary who won a free lunch with Brian and me. She's a master lunch planner who understands the greatest benefit of the pizza buffet — it's a crowd pleaser with all the variety to choose from. We hope she makes her way to Austin soon to claim her free lunch!


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