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Mekong River, March 5, 2009

Mekong River serves Vietnamese and Thai food. It's in an old warehouse on Sixth Street in downtown Austin.

outside of Mekong River on Sixth Street

When I started to read the menu, I noted that there was a pervasive sense of sexy about the place.

Note: Those were Brian's words. I'd never come up with a phrase like "pervasive sense of sexy." I'm really lucky that my lunch partner is a writer.

There were items on the menu like Rated R Shrimp, Ambassador's Honeys, Saigon Mistress and Blessing Shower (which might not be sexy at all, but surrounded by all the other sexies, it seemed sexy). The introduction to the Pho section of the menu read, "Pho begins with light bodies boiling hot beef stock...." That's as much as I read because, at that point, Brian started singing along with the inimitable Blue Oyster Cult classic, "I'm burnin' I'm burnin' I'm burnin' for you."

Pho section of the menu

Brian ordered Canary Nest. It looked like a bird nest with meat and veggies.

Pho section of the menu

I ordered the Combo Fried Rice, a combination of rice, beef, chicken, shrimp, eggs, peas and carrots. Brian ate my shrimp. We shared some Fried Vietnamese Rolls which were very good and very greasy.

Sixth Street is a party street in Austin. There are lots of bars and live music. There used to be a Hard Rock Cafe across from Mekong River, but it closed. Brian mused that it was probably hard for a place that pays lip service to live music to compete with a bunch of places that offer actual live music.

Quote of the meal: "Hey look, Kim. There's a menorah made out of monkeys."

Brian at Mekong River


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