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Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, March 14, 2009

Lamberts is fancy, pricey barbecue. It's the kind of place that has menu prices where they don't mess around with the cents. It's good food, though.

It's in the old J. P. Schneider & Brothers' building, a historical building that was spared when the rest of the buildings on the block were razed to build a new Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) building.

Lamberts' building on 2nd street.

Parking isn't easy dowtown, so we had to park a couple blocks away. On our walk to Lamberts, we saw restaurants and shops on the ground level of the CSC building, most of which have one word names like Leaf, Wee, Finch and Froots. We spied a chocolate shop with a one word name, Teuscher. I told Brian, "I jaywalk for chocolate," so we walked across the street and looked in the window. It looked pretty good, and we decided to come back after we ate.

Beef sandwich Brian ordered the Carne Asada Bolillo (which judging by the looks of it means grilled beef hoagie) and waffle fries.

I ordered the Maple & Coriander Crusted Natural Pork Ribs, except that was a mouthful, so I just said "pork ribs." It worked. I also ordered the El Rey Dark Chocolate Torte. I ordered that one by its full name. It's a brownie-like puck with rosemary ice cream and hibiscus salt. It was interesting, but the brownie part was smaller than I expected, and the scoop of ice cream made it look underdeveloped. I'm glad I got it, but at $8 I probably won't get it again. Brian said you've got to do something pretty [expletive deleted] creative with chocolate to charge $8.

Ribs, lettuce wedge and chocolate torte with ice cream on top.

four bottles.They played a variety of music in Lamberts from rap to Beatles to Johnny Cash to some unrecognized cowboy.

Brian "made me look" by telling me Governor Rick Perry was sitting down the bench from me. Turns out it was just some guy with good hair.

Lamberts has fancy bottles on the table with hot sauce, bbq sauce and mustard. There was also another mysterious, unmarked white bottle.

I might have tasted what was in the mysterious white bottle when the meal came, but the waiter took all the little white bottles off the table. Later he returned with them filled with flowers. I'm glad I didn't pour old flower water on my ribs.

two white flowers in a vase.

After lunch, we went back to the chocolate store. It was incredibly colorful in the store.

Teuscher chocolate store with many colorful animal containers for the chocolate.

Brian bought some chocolate covered orange peels or something. I bought some truffles. Brian quipped about the matchstick girls who worked there and how he didn't know how they stayed so thin working in a chocolate shop.

Back at work I discovered that one of my truffles had a whole lot of vodka in it. I quickly told a coworker, "If you smell liquor on my breath, it's because I just ate a truffle!"


Shann said this on March 14, 2009 6:16 PM:

This is awesome! All the pictures are so cool. I'm glad you didn't pour old flower water on your ribs, too.

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