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Primizie, April 22, 2009

Sometimes when I'm deciding where to go for something, I decide what direction I want to go first. Like when I decided where to go to college, I wanted to go west, but not too far. So I ended up at Southwest Texas State University.

For lunch, I was thinking about going east to East 11th Street. There are a few restaurants that way. Victory Grill, but they don't open until noon and, if you've been paying attention, you know that Brian and I go to lunch at ten to eleven.

There's also Blue Dahlia, but I don't like that place. In fact, an unreasonable anger wells up in me at the thought of a place that doesn't have even one item on their menu that I like. Brian likes to suggest going there just to poke me.

We settled on Primizie, which is fancy Italian. It's a place where I don't even try to read the titles of the menu items. I just point.

Primizie Menu.

I ordered the Ravioli di Caprino con Burro di Oliva. That means fancy ravioli with not enough goat cheese stuffing soaked in butter with bits of black olive.

Brian ordered the Bistecca alla Griglia which means steak and potatoes wrapped in doughy bread. Brian thought it would be good with horseradish aioli, but they only had regular lemony aioli.

I also ordered the Tiramisu because I remembered it was wonderful from the last time we were there.

Ravioli, Steak Wrap and Tiramisu

Primizie doesn't put salt and pepper on the table. You have to ask for it, and then they bring you these teeny tiny little shakers. Brian says for being in a tiny shaker, though, the salt comes out generously.

Brian noticed that the restaurant didn't have a lot of soft surfaces and only a couple of curves — one archway and one curved wall. The chairs are wooden, but oddly enough, very comfortable. Brian said they were big enough for a large range of butt sizes. They also have stools, but Brian and I aren't big fans of stools.

Primizie Bar with stools.

4 Non Blondes' "What's Going On?" was on the sound system. After the song went off, we heard one of the staff whistling the melody. Brian says he ends up listening to that song a lot because it's the first song in his MP3 folder. I thought the first song in my iTunes was Abra Moore's "Trip on Love," but now that I look, it's A-ha's "Take on Me." If iTunes sorted numbers before letters, the first song would be 10 Years' "Through the Iris."

There was a mural on the wall with wine and, presumably, Italian people. There was a man with no bottom lip, a large woman sporting a santa hat, and a man who looked like Lyle Lovett when Lyle Lovett's hair isn't so tall.

Mural with wine and people.

While we were finishing up, a group of people walked by. When they'd passed, I smelled a real funky B.O. smell. I mentioned it to Brian, but he thought it was the seafood appetizer. The people a few tables down had just been served the seafood appetizer, so he was probably right. None of the people in the restaurant looked particularly unhygienic. It made me think, though, who wants a seafood appetizer that smells like B.O.?


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