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Mama Fu's, May 6, 2009

Brian ordered the Thai Basil. The spicy indicator was set at "Whoa, Mama!" Even the cashier warned Brian about the spice intensity. Brian likes spicy, so the warnings didn't sway him.

I ordered two appetizers: the lettuce wraps and the ahi tuna salad. I was still on a low carb diet that week.

The last time we went to Mama Fu's, Brian said that water had a hwang to it. We both had forgotten that until Brian tasted his water. This time, I tasted it, too, and was shocked to find the worst tasting water I've ever put in my mouth. It's more than a hwang... it tastes like poo.

This was unfortunate because all the warnings about the spiciness of the Thai Basil were true. Even for Brian's standards. It was HOT. Hot requires water, and with poo flavored water, Brian was in a quandary. He decided to get some Sprite to wash away the burn instead. While I low-carb-dieted my way through the meal, Brian consumed far more calories than intended washing his spicy meal down with soda.

Mama Fu's is a favorite. But next time we go, we'll stay away from the water.


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