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Moonshine, May 18, 2009

Brian and I decided to try some of the restaurants on Red River in downtown Austin. Moonshine was our first. It's in an old brick building like many you see around the warehouse district.

We parked a couple blocks away and are happy to report the parking meter didn't cheat us out of any quarters this time. We had to cross over the new train track that's supposed to bring people from north Austin to downtown, but there seems to be some trouble with it like cost overruns or something. We didn't see any trains.

At Moonshine, they brought us a bucket of spicy popcorn and water in Mason jars. The menu has some interesting items like beer battered asparagus and buffalo meatloaf. I ordered the pork tenderloin with griddled polenta. Brian ordered the broiled rainbow trout with baked macaroni.

The pork tenderloin was topped with pineapple and green chile salsa. I thought I might get the hiccups because that's what happens sometimes when I eat pork. They must have done something special, though, because I didn't get the hiccups. It could have been the garnish of pineapple and green chile salsa that helped.

Brian's trout was topped with cornbread dressing and chile sage butter. At first, I declined his offer to take a bite, but I'm glad I changed my mind. Wow... it was yummy. I ordered it for myself on a subsequent visit without Brian, and I declare it my favorite dish there so far.

Both meals came with carrots and zucchini. Brian and I negotiated a deal where I gave him my carrots, and he gave me his zucchini.

The griddled polenta was okay. It's more fun to say than it is to eat. The baked macaroni wasn't very good at first, but Brian said it grew on him.

Every single thing on the dessert menu sounded good. I ordered the peanut butter mousse pie with Oreo cookie crust. It was $7.00, and Brian and I agreed it was a dessert that was actually worth $7.00. It was HUGE! And TASTY! It had chunks of peanut butter cups in it and was drizzled with fudge and caramel syrups. We both attacked it with spoons and finished it more than satisfied.

Moonshine is definitely on its way to becoming a Lunch with Brian All Star... if we ever get around to actually compiling the list.


Jocelyn said this on June 2, 2009 9:18 AM:

Yum... glad y'all liked it! Moonshine is my very favorite spot in Austin!!

kim said this on June 2, 2009 8:19 PM:

I totally forgot that you recommended Moonshine! You should come along with us soon.

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