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Sine Die at the Capitol Grill, June 1, 2009

"Sine Die" isn't the cry of a trigonometry hater. It's Latin for "without day" and signals the final day of a legislative session. Brian and I went to the Capitol Grill for some lunch in hopes of seeing what legislative craziness goes on in the cafeteria on the last day.

First, we came upon some legislators apparently waiting for a committee room to free up.

kids lining a hallway.

As we headed for the grill, we saw someone delivering Central Market catering going the other way. Then we saw someone delivering flowers. The last day celebrations were beginning.

At the grill, we found the special of the day was all-you-can-eat catfish. That was a little disconcerting because it was Monday, and catfish is usually Friday fare (because of Catholicism and all).

specials board that says all you can eat catfish. the soup is garden tomato.

There are several food stations at the grill. The first is cafeteria style where you choose an entree and veggies. They also have Tex-Mex, Grill, Deli Sandwich and Salad Bar stations.

Brian went to the Tex-Mex station for a burrito and the Salad Bar station for a salad, of course. Salad is priced by the size of the dish, so Brian got a salad that was mostly egg and turkey. His burrito made him exclaim, "Mmmmm, this tastes like Mexico."

I went to the Grill station to ask if they would make me an off-menu item, Tuna Melt. They did, and I told Brian, "Mmmmm, this tastes like Atlantis."

While getting his food, Brian overheard some young staffers say they needed to eat real well when the Chik-Fil-A meal was delivered so they could drink a lot that night.

We also overheard some guys talking about the crisis of the day. A key piece of legislation that would allow several agencies to continue operating was getting held up, and there was a real possibility it wouldn't get passed before the end of the day. So these guys were talking about how the agencies could just start to dismantle themselves slowly, and then put themselves back together again when the next legislative session rolls around.

Then we got the inside scoop from The Lone Star Report's Mark Lavergne. Brian went to school with him.

On the way back to work, we passed a couple of 20-something people with a dollie. Another young person asked where they were going, and they said to the ATM. I don't know whether they were going to steal it or just get a lot of money out of it.


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