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Zocalo / Galaxy Cafe, June 16, 2009

I told Brian that I wanted to go somewhere that had great dessert. It was one of those days. Despite that I don't care for the food so much at Zocalo Cafe, we decided to go there for their wonderful chocolate cheesecake. If you're familiar with the Lunch with Brian song, you'll remember... "At Zocalo the chocolate cheesecake's got a kick." The kick is because it's made with some kind of pepper.

We were the first customers of the day. I noticed some backless chairs just inside the door. They were like ceramic stumps with the tops molded such that they hug your butt. I sat in one and marveled at how comfortable it was. Brian brought me a menu, and my eyes went straight to the desserts. My heart skipped a beat when I didn't see chocolate cheesecake. I asked Brian, "Does 'Postres' mean dessert? Because I don't see the chocolate cheesecake on here." He didn't see it either.

One of us asked the guy behind the counter, and he said they didn't have it anymore. They replaced it with Flan. FLAN! I didn't know what to do. The chocolate cheesecake was the whole point of the visit!

So I told Brian I didn't want to eat there. In a show of protest, I raised myself up from the uncharacteristically comfy butt chair and walked out.

We didn't pull off the boycott as well as I'd have liked because we ended up down the street at Galaxy Cafe which is owned by the same people. But at least they have good food like fish wraps and sweet potato fries. They also have a decent chocolate torte. I made it known that I was not happy that Zocalo had dumped the chocolate cheesecake. The cashier said something like, "Oh yeah... they replaced it with flan." FLAN!!!! I let her know that I'd written a song about that cheesecake. She just laughed at me, though.

I'm going to miss that chocolate cheesecake.


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