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Marrakesh, July 16, 2009

On the way to Marrakesh to meet our friend Sarah, Brian and I listened to Crosby, Stills and Nash's "Marrakesh Express." Brian had never heard it before, so it was a treat for me to introduce it to him. I'm not sure it was a treat for him, though, because I kept singing along without remembering the lyrics. He kept asking if I had "One Night in Bangkok." Harrumph

When we got to Marrakesh, Sarah was waiting for us. She said I looked great, but I couldn't have because my hair is at that awkward stage where I either need to get it cut or commit to an unkempt look while it grows several more inches. I enjoyed the compliment just the same.

Marrakesh is in one of the old buildings on Congress Ave just south of the capitol.

Interior of Marrakesh restaurant.

They serve Mediterranean food. Brian and I ordered Shawarma. I got gyro meat. I think Brian got gyro meat, too. Brian ordered some falafel on the side because he heard it was good there. Plus, it reminds Brian and Sarah of Parker Posey's movie Party Girl. Brian and I had never had falafel. Before it was served, Sarah said it was like chicken nuggets, only made with chick peas. I liked it okay, but I don't think I'd order it on my own.

Sarah ordered the chicken with cous cous. It came with green bean salad, hummus and some rolled up pita bread.

Chicken with cous cous.

Brian shared some of his wisdom with us. Apparently, most of the gyro meat in the U.S. comes from the same place in Chicago, and gyro makers do well during a recession. It's no wonder since gyro meat is just a big round Mediterranean meatloaf on a spit.

While we ate, the conversation ranged from our jobs to our dogs. Sarah's a foster dog mom! We also talked about ways to annoy people at work. One of Brian's tricks is to go to an online dictionary and listen to word pronunciations over and over. A favorite is "schadenfreude" which is funny on a couple of levels. If you don't know what I mean, I'll take pleasure in your misery while you look it up yourself.

Brian said he was going to a pool party this weekend. He said he wasn't going to wear a speedo, though. Sarah said she might go to a big birthday party. She mentioned keg stands and outside drunken karaoke, but I got the impression she'd be looking for more dignified activities in which to participate. I'm just boring. I'll be doing laundry and other chores.

After lunch, Brian and I stopped by the Old Bakery and Emporium where he'd been told old people work. I was relieved because, with a name like "Old Bakery..." I was worried old people were baked there. Sock monkeys greeted us at the door, and we found lots of trinkets and gifty things that neither of us wanted to buy.

It was fun catching up with Sarah. She charged a hawk a while back defending her dog. She's also writing a novel. She's a wonderful writer. Sarah wrote an article about me once with quotes that I didn't say but wished I had. They even sounded like something I would say if I'd thought of them first.

We enjoyed lunch with Sarah at Marrakesh and look forward to doing it again soon!

Note: Brian called it to my attention that the restaurant name is actually Marakesh with one 'r'. But the city is spelled Marrakesh. It's been around longer. Maybe Marakesh should change it's name to "Marakesh (sic)" so people know they did it on purpose.


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