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Pei Wei, August 3, 2009

We were meeting Brian's brother, Hunt, at Pei Wei. We got there first, so while we waited, we admired the new menu wall that's like three big vertical TVs with videos that zoom in on pictures of food. Brian said he felt like he was in the future.

Just before Hunt arrived, a staff member assigned us table 55. Table 55 was a good because it was close to the drink machine and fortune cookies. I ordered the Mandarin Kung Pao Beef. Brian ordered the Pad Thai with beef. Hunt ordered something with the word Mongolian in it.

Before the food was served, Brian got ready by mixing sauces on a plate. Hunt called it a Soy Puddle. Brian poured soy sauce on the plate and then spooned some chili paste in the center. Then he poured some more soy sauce on top. Then mixed it up and dripped orange oil on it to make a polka dot soy puddle.

Polka Dot Soy Puddle on a plate.

A waiter brought Brian some egg rolls with a tiny bowl of whatever kind of sauce comes with egg rolls. So Brian poured that out onto a different plate and then poured his polka dot soy puddle into the small bowl. He told us that everything was the way it should be now. Hunt told Brian he was a smart man.

Hunt told us that when he arrived, he started to pull into a parking spot, but saw it was marked for To Go Customers only. He wondered if Pei Wei would tow a car that parked there. That would be pretty bad for Pei Wei to tow a dine-in customer's car because they parked in the to go customer spot. Hunt's not convinced that To Go customers deserve privileged parking.

Hunt told us about some Harry Potter events at the museum where he works. Apparently, you could get your picture taken with people dressed up like Harry Potter characters. There was also a Harry Potter tribute band that played songs about Harry Potter. We figure, with two more movies coming out, the band will have a market for a while yet. It couldn't hurt for them to start planning their exit strategy now, though.

We got two fortune cookies each in case we needed do-overs. The ratio of non-fortunes to true fortunes was 5:1. Brian got the true fortune: "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world." I think that was referring to the fame and riches soon to come to us because of all the great Lunch with Brian ideas we have. I'd tell you what they are, but then you'll be sitting on top of the world instead of us.

The non-fortunes were:

  • Always surround yourself with true friends.
  • Face any problem with dignity.
  • A great man never ignores the simplicity of a child.
  • Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
  • A single kind word can keep one warm for years.

On the back of "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." was the word "advertisement." On the back of "A single kind word can keep one warm for years." was "banana."


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