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Piranha Killer Sushi, September 2, 2009

Our friend Jocelyn recommended Piranha Killer Sushi at San Jacinto and 2nd in downtown Austin. We got lucky and found three minutes left on the parking meter when we arrived. Then I wasted the 3 minutes trying to get my car perfectly parked inside the lines to avoid a ticket.

The sign out front is eye-catching. We'd seen it before, but thought it belonged to Max's Wine Dive next door. Now it makes more sense.

The Piranha sign out front--two mean cartoon piranha fish.

We were early and had the restaurant to ourselves for a while. We had the choice of sitting at the sushi bar or at a table, and we chose a table. Brian said it looked like Ikea threw up in there (that's not a bad thing).


Brian and I both ordered the sushi bento box. I also got the miso soup and a dessert dubbed Tower of Chocolate. I told the attractive waiter to bring the dessert out with the meal. Brian got a salad and eel roll with his bento. While we were waiting for our food, I thought I heard a dolphin in the back, but I'm sure it had to be something else that just sounded like Flipper.

The miso soup was the best I've had anywhere. It had lots of tofu bits, seaweed and green onion. Most places I've been just have cloudy liquid with a smattering of other bits. Brian liked his salad with ginger dressing.

The bento boxes were marvelous with 5 kinds of sushi, a tuna roll, cucumber and hearts of palm salad and a spicy seared tuna salad. Brian was taken with the tuna salad and asked the attractive waiter if that was available as a full meal. Yes. Yes it is. I enjoyed the cucumber and hearts of palm salad far more than I thought I would.

Sushi Bento Boxes and Tower of Chocolate.

The tower of chocolate was really a tower of puff pastry leaning against some chocolate mousse. Brian said it was a dramatic dessert, but we both agreed the chef could have used a pastry tube to make it more interesting. I liked the idea of chocolate cream, whipped cream or vanilla cream. Brian was thinking outside the box and suggested ginger cream.

The chocolate mousse was tasty, and I would have licked the plate if I hadn't felt like being lady-like that day.

I was curious about the bento boxes. I asked the waiter if they were difficult to clean because they didn't seem to be dishwasher safe. He assured me they were easy to clean. They're fun, but I think I'll stick with my good old corel dishes anyway.

At the end of the meal, the attractive waiter asked if we'd like separate checks, which Brian and I agreed is a question that's asked far too rarely. Our checks came with a card to fill out that said we might get a special surprise in our e-mail. It asked for our birthdays and anniversaries. I asked Brian what our anniversary was, but we don't really have an anniversary, so we made one up. March 1. Yeah... that's it.

We also agreed that Piranha Killer Sushi is on it's way to becoming a Lunch with Brian All Star.

The sushi bar.


Jocelyn said this on September 3, 2009 4:02 PM:

Yay! I'm so glad y'all liked it. Their location in North Arlington was a favorite for me and my husband!

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