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Perry's Steakhouse - Fancy Friday with Hunt and Sarah, September 30, 2009

Brian made reservations for Friday lunch at Perry's Steakhouse in downtown Austin. They have a pork chop lunch special for $10.95 on Fridays that makes it affordable for us plebs.

Sign in front of Perry's advertising the Friday $10.95 pork chop.

We met our friend Sarah and Brian's brother Hunt. Being Fancy Friday at an upscale restaurant, Sarah and I dressed up. I wore my black jacket and some fancy naturalizer shoes. Sarah wore a skirt she got for $15 at a bridesmaid sale.

Hunt was worried he didn't follow the new solar-powered, ticket dispensing parking meter procedure correctly. Parking downtown is hard.

Perry's front door has a handle shaped like the letter P. Or a nose, depending on how you look at it.

Perry's front door with a handle shaped like a P.

While we were waiting for Hunt to figure the parking out, I told Brian that I wondered if I could get fries instead of whipped potatoes. The fries looked better than the whipped on the sign out front. Brian said if I did, I should call them pommes frites since that's the fancy name for fries.

They seated us next to the wine which was walled off by glass. It was quite an impressive display.

Very tall wine room with a ladder.

Big band standards were playing overhead. The kind of songs you might hear on a fine day at the retirement home.

The pre-meal bread was wonderful. White bread and salty butter. Yum. The butter was chilled and a little hard to spread. Brian said they should invent a butter laser to make spreading chilled butter easier.

The waitress was quite aggressive with the table clearing. I had my Lunch with Brian tools (camera and electronic note taking device) on the table, but they were in her way when she drew out the bread crumb razor to shave the crumbs from the table cloth. I said, "Oh, let me get that crap out of the way." And then red-faced, "Whoops... I just said 'crap' in a fancy restaurant."

When Hunt saw her nimble wrists pushing the crumbs about with the bread crumb razor, he thought we might be getting ready to do lines of bread crumbs.

Then there was the meal. Oh yum.

Giant pork chop and fries.

The pork chop was huge and had a dollop of blue cheese butter and a lime on top. The waitress explained the anatomy of the pork chop. It's made up of the eyelash, the loin and the baby back ribs. I think Aesop wrote a fable about that.

My pommes frites weren't anything special, but the ketchup (or is it catsup at a fancy restaurant) came in a gravy boat. The whipped potatoes that the others got weren't anything special, either, but the pork chop was super-extra special, so no complaints.

Sarah said she felt like she was living in a commercial for the other white meat. Hunt said, "What these people call a pork chop, my folks would call a roast."

While we were eating, the waitress asked if we'd like to start thinking about dessert. It seemed early, but she had good reason. They make a chocolate cake with a molten fudge center and a scoop of Amy's vanilla ice cream that takes 20 minutes to prepare. It takes so long because they bake it while you eat your entree. We ordered it!

While we ate and waited for our chocolate cake, the conversation was entertaining. Brian talked about people at work who always burn their popcorn. He wonders how they ever learned not to mess their pants.

Brian and Hunt also talked about a trip they took to Corpus Christi.

Brian: Hunt and I were in a hotel room in Corpus Christi and our TV remote was broken.
Hunt: Because you broke it.
Brian: Be that as it may ...

The freshly baked cake arrived, and Brian was reminded of Pillsbury's Tunnel of Fudge Cake. Except gourmet style.

Chocolate cake on a plate sprinkled with cocoa and a scoop of ice cream with a sprig of mint.

After sharing luscious chocolate cake and receiving a small shopping bag with his leftover chop, Hunt said, "I'm so full, my back hurts," at which point Brian belched audibly. I think they knew to seat us in the corner behind a wall.

In a rare swapping of roles, Brian, the writer, used math to figure up the bill while I, the accountant, took notes to prepare for this write-up. You can see evidence of his long division and borrowing the one for subtraction:

Receipt with Brian's math scribbles.

Perry's is definitely on track to becoming a Fancy Friday favorite.

Sarah, Hunt and Brian.


Jocelyn said this on October 1, 2009 11:01 AM:

Very fancy indeed! I think I'm taking a pass on this Friday's adventure (as I'm trying to stay on a budget that ends on the 12th of each month... very weird date, I know). But I would love to join y'all next time!

Mary said this on October 3, 2009 5:10 PM:

That pork chop is out of control! Looks like a nap would have been in order afterwards.

Betsy said this on December 14, 2009 4:59 PM:

Came across this when I just googled "pork chop eyelash". Had never heard that until last night when I dined at Perry's in LaCentera. Also never had a waitress explain a piece of meat to me. I have to admit it was the best "pork chop" I've ever eaten, however, referring to it as a pork chop seems highly sacreligious. Most of it came home in my go box. Was indeed splendid.

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