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Coco's Cafe, October 20, 2009

Coco's Cafe serves Taiwanese food and bubble tea on a strip of the University of Texas drag that has a high concentration of bubble tea vendors.

We delighted in our first opportunity to park using what Brian calls a "P" box, which sounds like a relief station for the homeless, but is really a solar powered parking sticker dispenser.

Brian waving from the P box.

Brian purchasing the parking sticker and sticking it on my car windshield.

There were guys out front painting the awning purple and gold. Throw in a darker green, and it would have looked like Taiwanese Mardi Gras.

Workmen painting the awning.

We made our way inside without walking under a ladder to find what Brian called Taiwanese hip hop playing over the sound system.

I ordered pepper steak with rice, egg in blanket and a watermelon bubble drink. The tapioca pearls (bubbles) were still cooking, so they offered to put pudding or gelatin in my drink. I told them I'd wait for the bubbles. Brian ordered fried chicken and rice and was going to order a bubble drink, but didn't want to wait or have pudding or gelatin in his drink.

They have free soup! You have to serve yourself, so I didn't realize it was there at first. Brian is a seasoned Coco's patron and let me in on the secret.

The egg in blanket came out first, and it was wonderful. It was served with soy sauce. I accused Brian of putting my soup spoon in the soy sauce, but then I found my spoon hiding under the edge of my plate. I apologized to Brian. I have a bad habit of accusing people of taking my things. When my scissors go missing at work, I accuse everyone around me of stealing them, but then I find them in one of my drawers later.

They have good chopsticks at Coco's. They are smooth, wooden ones. Not the splintery kind they have at Panda Express, and not the plastic, slippery kind they have at P.F. Chang's.

When our food came, we found ourselves listening to a Taiwanese version of the Pet Shop Boys. I didn't like my pepper steak. It was gelatinous in a way that pleased Brian, but not me. Brian's fried chicken was quite good.

My watermelon bubble drink came later. I always think bubble drinks are going to be delicious and fun, but then I get tired of dealing with the tapioca balls before they're even half gone.

The cup had a very wise suggestion that I abide by to this day: Don't eat children under 5.

Bubble drink with warning Children under 5 not suggest to eat.

Children under 5 not suggest to eat


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