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Amaya's Taco Village, December 12, 2009

Amayas Taco Village isn't really a village. It's a Mexican food joint in the Capital Plaza strip mall in Austin, Texas. They warn that their food is habit forming.

A sign that says Beware our food is habit forming.

There's a store called the Fallas store in the same shopping center, and Brian says that no store in Texas should ever be called the Fallas store.

Brian and I usually go to lunch at 10:50 to beat the crowds, and we arrived at Amaya's at about 11:10. It was already crowded, though, because the breakfast crowd was still there. It's good to go early anyway because if you arrive much later, you have to wait for a table.

We got right in and started studying the menu. The Mexican plate looked good to me with a taco, enchilada, tamale, rice and beans. Brian ordered the Deluxe dinner which is the same except with an added chalupa.

When we ordered, the waitress asked us many questions. Things like "Do you want onions on that?" and "Beef, chicken or cheese enchilada?" and "Beef or chicken taco?" and "Red or green sauce?" The choices were plenty.

While we waited for our food, we talked about college mascots. I told him how goofy the Nebraska mascot is... a big, dorky, inflated, cornhusker kid with a sideways cap. Brian said the Ohio State mascot is pretty goofy, too, but at least the buckeye candies are good.

The food arrived, and it was yummy and filling. The corn tortillas are fantastic, and I don't usually like corn tortillas. They're homemade and thick.

The bill arrived and there was a problem. Brian had asked for fajita meat on his chalupa, and the waitress told him it would be an extra charge, and he was okay with that. But the bill had two extra charges: Add picadillo 1.79 and add fajita $4.99. It seemed it cost $7 to upgrade a chalupa to fajita meat. We were about to call the Guinness Book of World Records people for the costliest chalupa upgrade, but the waitress reviewed the bill and with a cute grin told us she must have pressed the wrong button. She offered us separate checks when she went to fix the bill, and we always appreciate that.

While we were waiting for her to press the right button, Brian pondered a business opportunity for an upscale chalupa restaurant where the chalupas range from $7 - $30. We could serve a variety of things on chalupas like escargot (snails!) or foie gras (fatty goose or duck liver). We're not sure the world is ready for that yet.

Front of Amayas.


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