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Taverna, February 8, 2010

When passing Taverna most everyday on my way to work, I always think that I'd like to try it. But by the time I get to work, work a while and hook up with Brian for lunch, I forget about Taverna. Until this day.

Taverna is in downtown Austin, catty corner from city hall. Kitty corner? kat-a-korner? Whatever.

We were the first to arrive and the host said we could sit anywhere we liked. Brian picked a table by the window where we could watch a workman welding the new "W" hotel together.

They have a lunch menu (PDF) with fairly reasonable prices (for an upscale italian neighborhood restaurant). There are several dishes centering around risotto and another several with various pastas. I ordered the Paglia e Fieno, which is thin pasta with chicken, wild mushrooms and a truffle oil and cream sauce. I mentioned to Brian that I was a little worried that it would be rubbery chicken, but he'd been there before and assured me it would be good chicken.

Brian got the Fettucine Frutti di Mare. I think because he wanted to say "Frutti." It had fettucine with shrimp, mussels, clams and scallops in a brandy crustacean cream sauce.

While we waited for our food, Brian took off-kilter pictures of the restaurant. Here's one of the bar area where we could watch food porn on the TV. God bless Paula Dean.

Taverna bar and TV.

Here's another of the kitchen.

Taverna kitchen.

They serve focaccia bread with a small bowl of olive oil and vinegar. The vinegar is already poured into the olive oil, and it's great fun trying to get the vinegar to stick to the bread with the oil. The bread is wonderful like a light pizza crust covered with parmesan cheese.

The food arrived, and much to my relief, the chicken in my pasta wasn't rubbery. We both enjoyed our entrees. Brian asked about dessert, and they had the standard italian fare: panna cotta, chocolate cake, tiramisu, creme brulee. We didn't get any, but I'm sure it would be as fabulous as everything else.

After lunch, we went next door to "Jo's Hot Coffee" where neither of us got hot coffee. Brian got iced coffee, and I got an iced mocha. My only complaint about the mocha is that the whipped cream was really whipped topping from a can. I scraped it off in an immature fit.

We enjoyed our lunch at Taverna. Here's an off-kilter picture of Brian at Taverna.

Off kilter picture of Brian waving inside Taverna.


Mary said this on February 8, 2010 10:12 PM:

Food porn - as you would say - heh. Taverna sounds delicious. Glad to see a post and an off-kilter Brian.


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