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Chuy's, March 31, 2010

Brian and I had never been to Chuy's together, and our past experiences apart left us thinking it might not be great. We decided to give them another chance. One issue with Chuy's is that it's usually crowded with a line out the door and no parking. Our early lunch time (10 to 11:00) helped with that. We found plenty of parking and not too many people in the restaurant.

Chuy's with empty tables.

Another typical problem with Chuy's is that it's so darn loud. Entering by the back door, we had to walk through the front room where we observed a collection of mommas and babies that threatened to make our visit today quite loud. But the host walked us to the back room which never reached the decibal level of past visits, even after the tables filled up.

Elton John proclaimed that Saturday night is alright for fighting as Travis, our waiter, brought us chips and salsa. I asked for a small bowl of creamy jalapeno sauce as an alternative to the salsa. It's like ranch dressing with finely chopped jalapenos. Brian said Chuy's has chips and salsa down.

Chuy's has a fascination with Elvis, yet I couldn't find anything with peanut butter on the menu. Then again, peanut butter doesn't really go with Tex Mex. That would make it Thai Mex and that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Ba doomp boomp.

The special of the day was Green Chili Chicken Taquitos. I ordered that and Brian ordered the Appetizer Plate with nachos, queso, taquitos and quesadillas. His was only a dollar more than mine, and he seemed to have more substantial food than my taquitos with sides of beans and rice. That's okay, though; my dish filled me up nicely.

Our food as previously described.

My fork was almost flattened which was odd because the fork I got at Polvo's the day before was almost flattened, too. Will I get a flattened fork on our lunch outing at Frank tomorrow? Check back.

Travis was a great waiter, and even offered to split the check for us. We were impressed with the food, service and noise level this trip and will likely go back another day.


Mary said this on March 31, 2010 8:46 PM:

Yum - both plates have lots of food. Chuys looks as loud as it must sometimes sound - but fun.

kim said this on April 1, 2010 6:46 PM:

haha Yes... it's quite loud, visually, also.

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