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Frank, April 1, 2010

Brian and I picked up our friend Sarah and headed to Frank. It's in a building on Colorado close to 4th Street that seems cursed. Many restaurants and bars have opened and closed there. It still has a sparkly star on the roof from when it was The Starlight.

If someone asked "What kind of food does Frank serve?", one might answer "fancy hot dogs." But that doesn't adequately describe a menu that includes hummus, portobello cheesesteak and chilled pasta salad. It's difficult to boil Frank down with a few words.

Advertisement for Frankenmuth beer featuring a dachsund.

Frank dedicates a section of the menu to waffle fries. Sarah ordered the Canadian waffle poutine as an appetizer to share. That's waffle fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. Brian asked for an extra bowl of gravy. After a mouthful of waffle fries and cheese curds, Brian droned, "Mmmmmm... cheesy business."

Canadian Waffle Poutine.

For those keeping track, my fork was not flat today, but Sarah's knife had some leftovers from a previous meal. Public service announcement: Always check your utensils for leftovers.

Sarah and I ordered simple chili cheese dogs, and Brian ordered a more complex Carolina Pork It. Brian's dog was 100% Vienna beef stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried, topped with grilled coleslaw and house made green chile pimento cheese. He said the cole slaw made it challenging to eat. Sarah described it as trying to fit an octopus into a pet carrier.

Carolina Pork It dog.

For dessert, Brian and Sarah shared bananas foster and chocolate covered bacon, and I had a slice of chocolate covered bacon. Everything was delicious, and Sarah got her daily requirement of potassium. At one point, Brian was eating the bananas foster sauce like soup.

Chili cheese dog and chocolate covered bacon.

We didn't try the Whoopie Pie (sweet, creamy frosting sandwiched between two mounds of housemade chocolate cake), but we wondered if it made a farting noise when sat upon. An experiment for another day.

We enjoyed our lunch, and it's always wonderful to visit with Sarah. Brian and I encourage you to visit Sarah's site, That's a Girl's Car to see her hand drawn comic strip "Totes McGoat," a crime-fighting hipster hero.

Lunch with Brian at Frank sponsored by Sarah and her $20 groupon. Thank you, Sarah!


Mary said this on April 1, 2010 8:42 PM:

Is that chocolate covered bacon? I must have that!

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