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Perry's Steakhouse, April 15, 2010

Brian and I went to Perry's to meet Totes McGoat creator, Sarah, and Brian's brother, Hunt, for Fancy Friday. We were 10 minutes early and waited outside for the others. When Sarah arrived, Brian asked the hostess if we could go ahead and be seated because he thought Hunt might arrive late. The hostess said yes, but then she answered the phone. Brian had to start over when she got off the phone.

Another staff member took us upstairs to our table. Brian said something to her as she seated us, and she replied, but her reply didn't make any sense. When Brian asked for clarification, she indicated that she wasn't talking to him, but was talking to someone else through a wireless device she was wearing. Luckily, our waiter didn't have a communication device, so the rest of the visit was interruption free.

On our previous visit, we asked for information about their menu item, Chicken Rikki. The waitress said it was chicken with rikki sauce, but couldn't give us more details without asking the chef, but then never got back to us. Brian's curiosity was piqued, so he ordered it this time. Sarah and I like to call it Chicken Rikki Tikki Tavi, but Brian likes to call it Chicken Rikki Don't Lose That Number. He was hoping it would have a hidden slip of paper in it with Donald Fagan's phone number. It didn't.

Sarah and I ordered the lunch pork chop with extra sides of fried asparagus, and macaroni and cheese.

Fried asparagus and macaroni and cheese.

We had a place set for Hunt, but he sent a message to say he was in a meeting that was running late and couldn't make it. Who schedules a meeting so close to lunch time, anyway?

We missed Hunt, but enjoyed listening to Sarah talk about her recent trip to San Antonio when she stayed at El Tropicano Hotel where they have toucans named Ricky and Lucy.

They brought our food, and I noticed they were carving one of the pork chops. They'd never done that before, and I was resisting change that day, so I asked if they would leave my pork chop intact. Sarah was okay with having hers carved, so it worked out well.

The Rikki sauce on Brian's chicken was tasty, and the dish was garnished with onion rings. Brian said they were so light, that it was like eating crunchy, onion flavored air.

Chicken Rikki.

The chops were delicious as usual, and both extra sides were keepers. The waiters didn't explain the anatomy of the pork chop like they usually do, but that's okay because Hunt created the following diagram to help.

Anatomy of the pork chop with the eyelash, loin and baby back ribs.


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