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Food Heads, April 27, 2010

Brian and I headed for lunch thinking we would eat light. I was snacking on food all morning because my section was having food day to celebrate birthdays and retirees, and Brian had eaten some leftover quesadillas from lunch yesterday.

Since we weren't very hungry, neither of us had a natural craving for anything, so we just started driving to see where we would end up.

Heading north on The Drag, Brian suggested Drungo's Ice House near the UT campus. We found a deserted building and a sign that said it will reopen as a place called Jax. Poop.

On the road again, we found ourselves at Food Heads for sandwiches. I ordered the sirloin chimichurri torta, and Brian ordered the roast beef and brie on a baguette. Both sandwiches were tasty. Brian's came with thinly sliced pickles on the side. He approved. I forgot to ask for the potato salad that I like so much, but still enjoyed the cole slaw.

While we ate, Brian thumbed through a Cook's Illustrated magazine. I looked at the pictures. Some of the pictures showed what perfectly whipped egg whites and chocolate mousse look like. My favorite illustration showed how to repair a cracked cheesecake with a ribbon and a binder clip. Chef McGuyver would be proud.

On the way back to the office, I spotted a yard sign posted for a roommate. I doubt it will be effective, though, because it was painted on cardboard with dripping red paint that looked like blood. Ewwww.


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