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Frank, July 27, 2010

Brian and I went to Frank for a decadent lunch. A lady was blocking the front door, talking to a guy about his two Basenji dogs. She looked right at us trying to get in, but continued to block the door. Then one of the dogs tried to eat her child, and she cleared a path. Good dog.

We were seated at one of the small tables which is a challenge because the food we like is usually served in several containers. The sun was shining directly on our table through the skylight making it the brightest table in the room. Brian said it was the brightest table in the room both in intelligence and light. Not long after, Carly Simon sang "You're so Vain" from the the overhead speakers.

Speaking of "You're so Vain," I think "I bet you think this song is about you" is high on the cleverest lyrics list. Brian thinks "So your horse naturally won" from the same song is also clever since Warren Beatty's horse was named "Naturally." Oh, that Carly Simon.

There was a guy with a Beer Police t-shirt. It said "You have the right to remain silent while I drink your beer." Another guy had an Oklahoma t-shirt on. He had a high pitched laugh that sounded like a girl.

Chocolate covered bacon, chicken fried dog and chili cheese dog.

We ordered cheese fries (waffle fries with cheese, bacon, chives and sour cream) as an appetizer. Brian ordered a chicken fried dog (deep fried, battered hot dog with sausage gravy). I ordered a chili cheese dog (pretty self-explanatory) and chocolate covered bacon. The waitress asked if I wanted all the food to come out together, and I requested that the cheese fries come first and the rest come out together. As lunch played out, though, the cheese fries arrived last. We decided it's probably a good idea to order in waves there to ensure food comes out in the correct order.

Cheese Waffle Fries.

Brian asked for extra sour cream for the cheese fries because they were a little stingy with that. They were also stingy with the bacon and chives, but we let that go.

Overall, lunch was good, and the tea refill service was perfect. From our table, I had a view of the tallest residential tower west of the Mississippi and Brian had a view of two waiters in jorts. Brian said one of the waiters' jorts were more tasteful than those on the jorts web site.


Mary said this on July 28, 2010 5:59 AM:

Hey Kim & Brian - This looks like one excellent lunch. And thanks for the link to - I had never heard that term and it has given me many giggles.
Keep lunching -

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