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Gourdoughs and Brevita, August 4, 2010

Brian and I braved the 90 degree heat to meet our friend Sarah at a food trailer court on South Lamar. The trailers there are Odd Duck, Gourdoughs and Brevita. Odd Duck is a farm-to-trailer trailer that's only open for dinner. That left us with Gourdoughs (big fat donuts) and Brevita (coffee drinks and smoothies). Brian and I got there a little early, so we went to the Brevita window while we waited for Sarah.

Brian waving from Brevita.

Brian ordered an iced americano. It was topped with a white chocolate covered espresso bean. I ordered an iced mocha. Mine was topped with a dark chocolate covered espresso bean.

An iced mocha from above with a chocolate covered coffee bean on top and Homestar Runner drawn on the picnic table.

Brevita had a trivia question posted on the window: What Beatles song did not hit #1? A) I am the Walrus. B) Lady Madonna. C) Yesterday. D) Ticket to Ride. I won't tell you the answer in case it's posted another day. Brian guessed and was wrong. Sarah arrived and made her guess, but was wrong. I overheard the guy in the window tell her the answer, which made it a slam dunk for me. I got 25 cents off my drink.

Gourdoughs is in a classic silver airstream trailer.

Gourdoughs shiny silver airstream trailer.

They have over 20 items on their menu, but you can mix and match ingredients to make your own. Sarah and Brian had already ordered while I was still looking at the menu. I wanted something with meat on it, but I also wanted another that was pure dessert. Not wanting to appear gluttonous unless someone else was gluttonous, I asked Sarah what she ordered. Funky Monkey. Just one donut... hmmmmm. I asked Brian what he ordered. Mother Clucker and Blue Balls. Two items... yes!! So I ordered the Mother Clucker and the Dirty Berry.

Funky Monkey - Grilled Bananas & Cream Cheese Icing with Brown Sugar

Funky Monkey donut.

Mother Clucker - Fried Chicken Strip with Honey Butter
Blue Balls - Blueberry Filling and Blue Icing

Mother Clucker and Blue Balls donuts.

Mother Clucker
Dirty Berry - Fudge Icing with Grilled Strawberries

Mother Clucker and Dirty Berry.

Jamie Oliver would be appalled.

When you order, Gourdoughs doesn't just pull a donut from a stack of premade donuts and top it with decadent ingredients. They make each donut fresh. The inside texture is light and looks flaky like fish. The outside texture is crisp until whatever goo on top softens it. Brian suggested they make a fish and chips donut with malt vinegar butter.

There is a gated area between Gourdoughs and Odd Duck. Brian speculated that it is a Foie Gras pen where Odd Duck buries ducks up to their necks to prepare them for foie grasing. Sarah said, "Underground, no one can hear you quack."

When Brian slipped off to do some Brian business, Sarah told me about Quinceaneras, traditional coming of age ceremonies for fifteen year old girls. The subject came up because of a billboard above the trailer court showing a girl with a shoulder pom adorned with giant, clear push pins.

Latino lady on a billboard promoting a bridal and quince girl expo.

We enjoyed spending lunch with Sarah and hope to do it again soon. Until then, see what Sarah's Totes McGoat is up to. She's got new art supplies!


Mary said this on August 4, 2010 9:40 PM:

Hi Kim -
Spoiler alert for others - was it I am the Walrus? Every post you have I wish I was closer (or had even been in Texas more than once). These doughnuts put the French Press Eatery ( to shame! Good move ordering 2.

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