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Cafe Express, December 13, 2010

We went to Cafe Express near Seton Hospital where La Madeleine used to be. They have a relish bar with things like carrots, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic. We used these items to depict what we thought of our meal:

Frowny face in a bowl made with carrots for eyes and olives for irises and a garlic clove for a nose and a sun-dried tomato for a mouth.

It's not that it was horrible. Just that there are so many better places to eat lunch. Cafe Express might be good if you're at Seton for the day visiting a sick relative, and you want to take a walk at lunch and not eat hospital food. But that's assuming Seton's food is bad, and I (thankfully) haven't been there in years, so I can't say.

Brian and I both got dishes with chicken and fettucine alfredo, but Brian's had peas and mushrooms and mine had walnuts. I also got garlic bread. None of the food held heat, though. Tepid meal not mmmmm.

As we were getting up to leave, I saw two guys in Cafe Express attire coming toward our table, presumably to clear it. I reached down to turn the frowny relish face into a smiley relish face, but I dropped the sun-dried tomato before I could turn it upside down. They saw it, and one of the guys looked at me and said "Really" in the way that the last syllable goes down instead of up. I replied, "Yes, really."


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