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Zandunga Mexican Bistro, May 3, 2011

Brian and I went to Zandunga Mexican Bistro for Torta Tuesday. On Tuesdays, they have tortas for half price. Tortas are sandwiches. They usually cost $12, so it's good to go on Torta Tuesday.

Upon arrival, we noticed a Frida Kahlo portrait. She has black animals on her shoulders. At first we thought they were cats, but then they started to look like monkeys and bears.

Frida Kahlo portrait with animals on her shoulders.

We ordered the guacamole because Brian had seen it before and remembered it looked good. The menu said it had micro cilantro in it, and we both agreed that big cilantro is just fine, but we would try it anyway. It came with yucca chips and plantain chips. We already had some tortilla chips, so there was a variety of chippage. We thought this guacamole was better than the guacamole they serve at Cantina Laredo even though they don't make it table side.


Brian ordered the Torta Ahogada. It has carnitas and beans (usually black beans, but today it had refried). It also usually comes smothered in ranchero and verde sauces, but Brian asked for the sauces on the side to make it easier to eat. Here's a picture I took the last time we went with the sauces all over it. It makes for a beautiful sandwich if it weren't so messy to eat.

Carnitas Torta

I ordered the Carnitas Tacos with crispy carnitas, Oaxaca cheese (for those Oaxacan Daredevils out there) and avocado. Fantastic! Both times I've had these marvels, there has been a bonus piece of plastic (like from a wrapper) in one of the tacos. But they're so good it hasn't put me off. I wonder if the plastic gets grated with the cheese.

Carnitas Tacos

Early in the visit to Zandunga, a song came on overhead that made me smile. Even when I didn't want to, I smiled. And Brian smiled. Not knowing what it was, I launched the Shazam app on my iPhone. Shazam told me it was Manu Chao's "Homens." Shazam is amazing and "Homens" is a silly, fun song about men.

Speaking of men, every other time we went to Zandunga, there was a waiter there named Conrad. The first time we went, Brian said Conrad was richly scented (in a good way). I kept forgetting to smell him, though.

Zandunga Mexican Bistro gets the Lunch with Brian seal of approval.


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