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Meltzer Uptown Pub, August 12, 2011

I had a Groupon for Meltzer's Uptown Pub, so Brian and I traveled north to try it. We found the parking lot mostly empty at noon, so I thought maybe they were closed. They weren't closed, just unpopular for this Friday lunch.

A mostly empty dining room.

The first thing Brian pointed out on the menu was Lasagna Egg Rolls. What?

I ordered iced tea and the waiter gave me four choices: sweet, unsweet, raspberry or green. Wow... I like a lot of choices (as long as they have one that I like). I chose unsweet, and it was good.

The second thing Brian pointed out on the menu was a $50 steak. What?

When the waiter brought our beverages, he asked if we were ready to order. "Not yet," we replied. He said that in a few minutes, when we were ready to order, he would tell us what they were out of. What?

He said they were closing in a couple of days and that he had just been told. Ouch. Given this news, we didn't know how the food would turn out because, as Brian said, "The chef is probably back there angry and drunk."

We ordered the Lasagna Egg Rolls because how can you not? They were pretty good. The outside was crispy like a good egg roll should be and the inside was mostly ground beef with a little bit of white cheese. They came with a marinara sauce that I mistook for salsa. I guess I wanted one more level of fusion. Reflecting back, I think salsa would have been good.

Brian and I both ordered the fish and chips. Brian said it was a good thing we ordered the same thing because then one of us wouldn't be jealous when the other's meal was better with no chance of coming back to order it another time.

Fish and Chips

There's something naughty about that picture.

I didn't like the fries (battered curly fries, yuck), but I loved the fish. Unfortunately, it was the best fried fish I've ever had in Austin. Goodbye best fried fish in Austin. Brian likes the fish at Dog and Duck Pub better.

The waiter brought us a bottle of malt vinegar, and Brian said I should make that Peachy Chicken recipe on the back of the bottle. He said it's got to be good because it's been on that bottle ever since he was a kid.

We got a slice of Tiramisu and it was pretty good with a rich espresso bottom. Just like I like my bottoms.


We asked the waiter to bring us the check, and he said, "Oh no... take your time." We didn't want to take our time. He brought it and we were pleased to see that instead of charging us for 2 fish and chips, he charged us for 1 fish and chip and 1 Red's pastrami sandwich ($3 cheaper than the fish and chips).

The bar at Meltzer

We wish the staff at Meltzer's good luck with whatever the future brings.


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