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24 Diner, April 6, 2012

Brian and I went to 24 Diner. They bill themselves as serving "classic American cuisine, good service, fun atmosphere -- and turned up about 10 notches." We're not sure about the notches, but they do have some classic dishes with good service.

Here's Brian out front by some palm trees under construction:

Brian Waving in front of 24 Diner

Maybe the 10 notches they're talking about are the prices, because they did seem to be turned up. Corn fritters for $8? Pork Belly sandwich for $16?

We got there about 11:20 a.m., and it was crowded. We were seated at a two-top with a booth on one side and chair on the other. Brian sat on the booth side. Brian said he felt crowded by Mr. Half Shirt sitting next to us with his feet up on the booth. Mr. Half Shirt left not too long after we got there, though.

I'm working the Paleo diet, and I felt like having breakfast for lunch like any breakfast craving caveman would. Typical American breakfast usually comes with some carbs, so I had to order a la carte to avoid the breads and potatoes. I got two eggs, bacon, sausage and bacon-braised greens.

Brian is working the "I'll eat whatever I damn well please" diet, so he ordered the large chicken and waffles. Sunny, the waitress who didn't look anything like Jack Bauer, tried to talk him into downsizing, but was unsuccessful. Brian likes his leftovers.

In the meantime, Simon and Garfunkel were singing "At The Zoo."

We dug these trumpet shaped light fixtures.

Three large trumpet shaped lights overhead

Sometimes the overhead music was muffled, but sometimes the music was clear. During a moment of music clarity, The Decemberists were singing "Calamity Song." I love the Decemberists. I used to hate the Decemberists, but just as my taste buds change over time, so do my ear buds.

Then California Dreamin' came on and Brain gave us a grammar lesson. He said that two songs come to mind when he thinks about subjunctive tense. "If I Were A Rich Man" is an example of the correct subjective tense. California Dreamin's "I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A." is incorrect. No charge for that.

The food arrived. Mine looked like this:

Bacon, eggs, sausage and greens

The greens were great and two out of the three bacon slices were crunchy and greasy at the same time (which I like). The third slice of bacon was tough. The semi-circle of eggs was adequate and the sausage was a little rubbery. Including iced tea, they notched this meal up to $16 (after taxes) due to it being a la carte. This is out of my price range to ever get again.

Brian's food looked like this:

Chicken and Waffles

Brian said the chicken was good, but you can get better at Max's Wine Dive. He said the waffle had a different flavor than expected. I tasted it, too. He guessed it was sourdough and I guessed it had booze in it. He said the syrup was warm. The chicken and waffles cost $14 (after taxes).

While we were eating, Brian noted that the woman who took Mr. Half Shirt's seat was very excited about everything she said.

Our final verdict is that the food is good, the prices are higher than we'd like and we'll probably never have an urge to go there again. But you never know... we've been there before.

24 Diner Sign


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