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Elizabeth Street Cafe, July 19, 2013

Brian called me for two things this morning. First, he asked if I'd found his leftover sandwich from Tuesday in my car. Being Friday, that would be 3 days of decomposing sandwich in my car. Yuck. Second, he asked if I was available for lunch. Yes.

When we got to my car, we didn't find the sandwich, so maybe he put it in the work fridge and someone else ate it. Probably not, but it's fun to think someone did so I can say this: How rude.

Today's lunch was at Elizabeth Street Cafe. They are a hybrid of French and Vietnamese.

Elizabeth Street sign

We tried to go there last week, but they only have 3 parking spaces in their lot and by the time we found a place to park, we were already at another restaurant. Today, we found street parking close enough. I had to parallel park and commented that I wished I was drunk because parallel parking is so much easier when you're drunk. (Please note, I haven't drunk parallel parked for 30 years. Don't Drink and Drive!)

The first thing Brian noticed about Elizabeth Street Cafe was how dark it is inside if you're not sitting by a window. The first thing I noticed was how close together the tables are and that I needed to sit in the outside seat because I'm too big-boned to squeeze through to the inside booth. Luckily, Brian's a skinny dude.


The music was in the background enough that it provided atmosphere, but wasn't distracting. Most of the time I couldn't tell what song was playing. But then Band of Horses came on and their low key music pierced through the din. "Anything to make you smile. You are the ever-living ghost of what once was."

Brian and I ordered the same thing: Broiled Niman Ranch Pork Belly BÚN (Rice Vermicelli Bowl with Lettuce, Herbs, Cucumber, Carrot, Roasted Peanuts, Nuoc Cham). Nuoc Cham is the dipping sauce. We both agreed the dish was excellent.


While we were eating, Brian watched the staff erase the entire specials board and slowly add dish after dish. They were still adding dishes when we payed out at 12:15 p.m. Brian would have ordered the Pork Belly Bahn Mi had it been on the board earlier. Poor Pork Belly Bahn Mi... late to the party.

Blank specials board

For dessert, I ordered the Pots de Creme which looks plural, but isn't. It was described as dark chocolate and chile, sour cherries, creme fraiche and mahlab tuille. That last thing is a rolled up cookie. It was good, but seemed more like milk chocolate than dark.

Pots de Creme

This is not a place for lunch on a budget, but the quality of the food is very good. Brian and I both liked it and will most likely visit again.

Elizabeth Street Brian Waving


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