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Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, September 14, 2013

I was craving barbecue, so Brian and I went to Lamberts Downtown Barbecue. It was also intended to be a re-do of another time we went when I ordered something I didn't like. Like a lunch mulligan. We discovered something disturbing about ourselves. More on that in a minute.

There was a lot of hammering going on. And drilling. Maybe even some sanding. Too much noise for upscale barbecue. I thought maybe they just had a little bit of work left from their morning renovation job and decided to go ahead and finish before too many other people came in. But they just kept hammering. And drilling. And sanding.

Brian thought the green chili queso sounded good, so we ordered that for starters. The chips were excellent. The queso was good, too, but very fluid and with not much chili flavor. The positives outweighed the negatives, though.

While we were getting our queso on, Brian asked who was singing the song overhead. I pulled out my genius phone, tapped Shazam and saw "Make It Known" by Foxygen.

That's when a disturbing thought began to unravel.

I told Brian that I thought we had Shazamed that song before because he asked the same question before. The idea that we were literally reliving our last visit to Lamberts began to form. I checked my Shazam history, and sure enough, that song was Shazamed a month ago when we last visited Lamberts. Brian said he asked about the song because he thought one of the singers sounded like Mick Jaggar. Deja vu again. He said that last time.

I guess it's not uncommon to have the same thought stream when you hear a song each time. But this felt different. The next song that came on was an Elton John song, and I clearly remember Elton following Foxygen last time, too. On a side note, Brian thinks their playlist might be in descending alpha artist order.

Next, Brian recommended the guacamole and chips at HEB which he's done on at least two other ocassions. Could it be our conversations are on repeat and we don't realize it? I think repeating conversations is okay as long as we're ignorant of it. But what happens if we become mindful of it?


About this time, Brian noticed his Grilled Caesar + Achiote Seared Chicken Breast on the serving bar. He also noticed one of the chefs taking a picture of it. Such pride. I took a picture of it, too.

Grilled Caesar

I ordered the Brown Sugar & Coffee Rubbed Natural Brisket with waffle fries and collard greens. I remembered not to order the Maple and Coriander Crusted Natural Pork Ribs, which others might like, but I do not.

Lamberts Brisket

While we were eating, Brian's brother Hunt texted him to see if he wanted to go to lunch. Brian told him we were at Lamberts, and Hunt replied, "Ah, enjoy a 20 dollah BBQ!" The joke's on him. It was $21.11. Each.

Brian and I split the check in half. Mine included an extra $3 for a latte, so we decided to even things up by me paying $1.50 more tip and him paying $1.50 less tip. I didn't mind at all because that makes me seem very generous and him seem like a cheapskate.

We recommend Lamberts if you're okay with 20 dollah BBQ. They stopped the hammering and drilling and sanding three-quarters through the meal. They've never been so noisy before, so don't go there expecting the special treatment. And the food really is good (OMG, the waffle fries!).

As we were leaving, Brian asked if the song overhead was "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover." It wasn't. He asked that the last time we were there, too.


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